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About Profitopia

Profitopia is an online economy simulation game which can be played in a web browser for free. Therefore it is not necessary to download or install any piece of software on your computer and you can start with playing immediately.

In Profitopia, each player gets a virtual company. His task is to manage the employees, buildings and productions of this company to give it a very good future and to earn money. To achieve that, there are many market economy based opportunities and decisions inside the game which give the user big liberties about his company and the structure of that company. Key parts of this features are the trade with other playerscommunication in the form of ingame messages.

In order to make it as easy as possible to the player to start playing Profitopia, we operate a comprehensive help which has the goal to explain all parts of Profitopia in detail. Unfortunately, this help is not yet available in English (feel free to contribute!).


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Profitopia is currently in a testing phase. That means that the game is mainly finished but there may still be some errors in it. Everybody is cordially invited to try Profitopia and to find errors which are there! The scores of the game will be kept when Profitopia is finally launched, so you do not need to start with a new account then.

We always appreciate feedback and each new idea – not only now, but even when Profitopia is finally ready. To reward your troubles, we grant you some level points for reporting a bug or suggesting a new feature idea.